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Based in Nantes, France

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Summer 2017

Android / iOS / Windows Phone / PC / Mac


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The world we once knew is no more. Zombies are roaming in the streets, bandits are looting everything still worth the effort. They are everywhere : in your house, in your favorite bar, at your workplace. Are you going to let them destroy all the places you loved ? Build a team of survivors and fight zombies and other players in City Invaders. Use your survivors to conquer real places in your neighborhood, and upgrade them to stabilize your power. Join or create an alliance, and try to bring back civilization. Or be a tyrant.

City Invaders is a powerful mix between geolocalization features and classic video games such as XCOM or Final Fantasy tactic. Each player lead a team of survivors, each of them with a specific class and set of skills, and he/she can equip them with better items as he evolves in this persistent universe. Real places can be conquered and upgraded, resources harvested, and players have a wide panel of quests to accomplish.


After working on several projects involving web development, software and mobile, we realized that our phones' geolocalisation features had never been correctly used by any games we knew of. There had been hybrid apps, such as Ingress, but never a real game. This discovery, combined with our love for zombies and tactical games, was the base for the creation of City Invaders.


  • Geolocalized MMORPG : the world is your playground ! Go conquer the places you love !
  • Isometric 3D graphics : 3D characters on beautiful handcrafted maps
  • A solid tactical experience, influenced by the best (XCOM, Final Fantasy Tactics, Shadowrun)
  • 20 places types, 10 characters classes, dozens of quests, alliances gameplay ...
  • Fully multi-platform and asynchronous : start conquering a place on your smartphone, finish on your computer at home


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About Lone Stone Studio

Lone Stone Studio is focused on crafting high quality, deep Free To Play games for multiple platforms. The studio is currently working on its first game, City Invaders.

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City Invaders Credits

Godefroy De Compreignac
Co-Founder and Developer, Lone Stone Studio

Ronan Letellier
Co-Founder and Developer, Lone Stone Studio

Pierrick Bignet
Co-Founder and Game Designer, Lone Stone Studio

Philippe Salib
2D Artist, Lone Stone Studio

Eddy Margueron
3D Artist, Lone Stone Studio

Jean Briac D'Augustin
Motion Designer, Freelancer

Yann Yann Vander Cruyssen
Composer, Freelancer

Stefano Collavini
Ex Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Freelancer

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